Real estate value Aggregation and maximization programme (REVAAMP) is an innovative solution for real estate financing, wealth redistribution, promotion of general public awareness and re-orientation. The programme was conceptualized and designed by a seasoned investment lawyer with more than two decades of experience in real estate law and investment. In addition to promoting the buying and selling of properties through its REVAAMP AGENCY SOFTWARE APPLICATION, the programme with the aid of 15 fit for purpose agreements was developed to achieve the following objectives:


  • To create greater awareness for the National Housing Fund.

  • To enlarge the number of contributors and beneficiaries to the National Housing Fund.

  • To create a level playing ground for all adult Nigerians to participate in Real Estate business.

  • To provide a platform for wealth redistribution.

  • To provide end to end solutions for all types of transactions within the real estate value chain.

  • To provide a platform for the promotion of basic legal education and general public awareness.


1.  By virtue of a licence acquired from the intellectual property owner/licensor, the programme is being promoted and managed by Revacom (Real Estate Value Aggregation Company) in collaboration with Lawquest Foundation and other members of Revacom Consortium.



2.  We are leveraging on technology to connect stakeholders of the Real estate value chain to participate in real estate business in a manner that optimally unlocks and delivers all the potential benefits in every transaction to all the participants.


3.  More importantly we are through the programme helping to reduce unemployment by connecting our Revaamp Awareness Agents (mostly unemployed youths) to earn income by participating in bids on the REVAAMP BID PLATFORM for numerous real estate contracts created under the programme.
4  This is a clear strategy for wealth redistribution and financial inclusion. It means that thousands of young Nigerians can participate in real estate business and earn extra income no matter where they are once they have smart phones.
5.  As compensation for the access to economic empowerment granted to them, Revaamp Awareness Agents with the aid of learning materials developed for the programme, are required to act as awareness volunteers and change Agents under the REVAAMP VOLUNTEERING SCHEME. Under the scheme, these volunteers are involved in organising seminars and town hall meetings within their given communities to create general public awareness on the following areas: Basic Legal Education, Civic Education, Voters Education, Financial Literacy, Basic Health Education and value re-orientation. They are also engaged in other volunteering services such as tree planting, road maintenance, maintenance of common community assets, community policing and environmental protection.


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Revaamp Agency Scheme
Revaamp Premium Discount Scheme
Revaamp Lawcentre Scheme
Revaamp Affordable Housing Scheme
Revaamp Land Swap Scheme
Revaamp Global Infrastructure Development Scheme
Revaamp Job Placement Scheme
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